This morning, MOTORBIKE EUROPE rode from Sandiago de Compostela out to "The End of the Earth", at the Atlantic Coastal village of Finisterre, in the province of A Coruna, in Galicia, Spain.

Finisterra is situated on the rocky and jagged coastline, known as the 'Costa da Morte' ("Coast of Death"), due to the many shipwrecks along these shores. We rode out to the spectacular lighthouse, situated on a 600 meter peninsula called "Monte Facho", one of the westernmost points of land in Spain, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. 

Out here, you could really understand why this wild coastline earned it's name, and why people once thought that this was the most westerly point of civilization. From the stone cross at the top of the hill, you look out over a vast and apparently endless expanse of sea, and if you cast your eyes in one direction, you're looking over towards Canada and Greenland, in the other direction, Brazil, and 'straight ahead' is Mexico.

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