1934 BMW R7 from Bike EXIF

After over seventy years languishing in a box the BMW R7 has been restored to its former glory by BMW Classic. Although the motorcycle, manufactured in 1934, was only ever a prototype and never went into production it is one of the most important, innovative and visually stunning motorcycles ever produced.

In 1935 the telescopic front fork was introduced. Initially it was tried on the R7, which never went into production. It was many years before customers were ready to accept this sort of 'styling'.

The 1930's was a time of engagement with the fabulous and expressive world of Art Deco. The integrated design of the R 7, with its extravagantly valanced mudguards, clean flowing lines and extensive use of chrome and steel, perfectly encapsulated this era. It was a motorcycle like no other that had preceded it or, in many ways, has been produced since. Motorcycles had developed from the humble bicycle and that is what, at that time, they still very much resembled.

The visual presence of the bike and the sleek and beautiful casting of the motor were enhanced by the lack of the usual frame tubing. The motor hung in position from the pressed steel bridge frame - something that was completely different to other motorcycles but again similar in concept to modern machines.

SOURCES : Bike EXIF | BM Bikes

There’s more information about the project on Phil Hawksley’s BM Bikes.

Special thanks to Chris Hunter, owner of Bike EXIF
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Rob said...

Wow I cant believe this was manufactured in 1934. One word, "stunning".

Man its cold in NY it has not been this cold for a few years. I think I may be taking a job transfer to Colorado. I will be making less money but will not have to travel with the job. No travel = more riding motorcycles in the mountains. Good stuff!!! You take it easy over there across the pond!!

Dave O'Byrne said...

Hi Rob! Yeah, it's some bike, eh?

I't so cold here, the pond's frozen :) Apparently, a couple of hundred years ago, when the sea between Denmark and Sweden froze, an Elk (Moose) made the trip across the ice from Sweden to Copenhagen. Mental...

I know what you mean about NY, I was there in January 1996, and the cold wind just went straight through the jacket!

Sounds like a great plan with the move to Colorado, some GREAT cruising out there :) What do you work at?

Take it easy on the ice there,
- Dave.

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